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My name is Camelia Carter.

I have spent the past 25 years fighting my son's beast.  

You see, RJ experienced trauma after trauma as a direct result of his father's drug and alcohol abuse, my own struggles as a trauma survivor/single mother with numerous health challenges and his own personal traumas as a direct result of his ever-growing drug and alcohol addiction.

The last 10 years were the worst.

Nothing I did or said would or could help him. 
Outside help was often difficult, if not impossible to find.  
Resources were scarce at best.  

The system repeatedly worked against him and eventually failed him altogether. 

I could not help him, no matter how hard I tried.
No one could.  
Many tried and all failed.

Most times, the only thing I could do was watch as my precious son change from a sweet, caring, amazing young man into every mother's worst nightmare.

But I never stopped fighting for him!

On May 29th, 2016, I lost my beautiful son,
Rusty-James (RJ) Parker to a heroin overdose.

I am now A Mom On A Misson to:
Raise awareness about addiction & mental illness
Comfort those who have lost a child, loved one, or friend to overdose
Educate those who know someone who is at risk of overdose
Share stories of hope and healing with others
Work with community leaders and groups on addiction solutions

Camelia Carter